Frustrated young Las Vegans joins the protest on climate inaction

Fists would be raised every time Ariana Boorboor, a senior at Advanced Technology Academy, asked if the students, involved in the protest, would hear her.

This was in solidarity with the world in protesting climate change where the Las Vegas-area students staged a walkout. Students from seven had their schedule on Friday at the various Southern Nevada high schools where they would stage a walkout and have a rally in front of the Venetian which was scheduled at 6 p.m. At the Venetian, the students would demand action on climate change.

At Boorboor’s school, the walkouts began at around 1:40 p.m. with students holding and waving banners and signs while others carried each other on the shoulders as they poured out from the entrance.

Call for action on climate change

Expressing what she hoped for, Boorboor wished that the participants would continue rallying for action on climate change.

‘I hope they continue to hold that message in their heart, to switch to a more sustainable way of living and to vote for people who care for them.’ She stated.

Kamieko Goines, a junior in the school, noted that changes on climate change had to be effected by those in power. She noted that despite some people in power ignoring climate change, it was evident that it was happening.

More and more students and activists were involved as the day aged on in the rally on the Strip. Chants were being led by leaders with voter registration drives going on in front of the Venetian.

This comes in the wake of youths around the world demanding for action three days before a scheduled emergency summit by United Nations to deliberate on climate change.

Las Vegas faces more risk

Johnny Lincoln, who is the CEO of an aerospace company, noted that Las Vegas faced a higher risk of having ‘much worse’ climate change as compared to other cities and countries. Citing the tourism and spending factors in Las Vegas, he urged unity between residents to confront the crisis and eventually save the economy.

Lenka Luther, a mother of four, attended the event with her children with an intention of ‘seeing what it felt like being active’. She hoped that the children would be impacted to having a good choice in how the world would be run later as they grow up.

Incredible turnout

Dexter Lim, on the other hand, described the rally as ‘fantastic’. Lim, a leader on the walkout at Palo Verde High School, expressed his joy with how the people turned up to have their voices heard on the ‘passionate issue.’

Matt Piper of Sunrise Movement Las Vegas and Jackie Chiakulas of were also excited with the ‘incredible’ turnout. They both helped in the rally and walkout organization. ‘… you have babies, newborns, middle schoolers, high schoolers, adults, retirees. It’s really incredible to see.’ Jackie Chiakulas, who has volunteered in environmental conservation and justice in Las Vegas for a while, said.

Piper was thrilled with how young people turned up with their families and many adults who were in solidarity with the youth. ‘We all share this planet and we’re in the fight together.’ He said.

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