Few hours separate two different plane incidences at Henderson Airport

Saturday – 2 dead, 3 injured in a crash near Henderson Airport

The night of Saturday, 7th September 2019 saw two people dead and three others injured from a small private plane crash that was reported near Henderson Executive Airport, authorities have said.

Kathleen Richards, Henderson Fire Department spokeswoman spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal at around 9pm shortly after the crash where she said that there was a mechanical issue experienced on the single-engine Beechcraft Sierra plane that saw the plane turn around moments after take-off to try and land where a crash was then reported at the south of Henderson Airport.

According to the newspaper, the airport’s fire department was alerted at about 7:45 pm.

One person died on the scene while the other died while in the hospital. Two more passengers were admitted with serious injuries and one bystander treated with minor injuries. According to Kathleen, the firefighters believe the bystander suffered minor injuries mainly due to smoke inhalation after attempting to offer help to the injured on the plane.

A witness, Krissy Bashaw, who was on her way to her parents’ house says the explosion nearly burnt her car. She says she first thought it was a gas line blast and recalls that after picking her dad, she was greeted to a horrifying scene with screams from the passengers who were on fire.

She states that she had no clue the plane was going down and claims that if she had pulled up, she would have been caught up in the crash.

‘It was just literally an explosion, so I’m guessing there weren’t any lights on the plane.’ She said.

Ian Gregor, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman, in an email sent to the newspaper, said that the plane had four (4) people on board and was bound Gillispie Field Airport, El Cajon, California which is about 20 miles from San Diego.

In his statement, Gregor claims that investigations on the cause of the crash would be led by the National Transportation Safety Board and that it might take more than a year to conclude.

Information got from online FAA data cites the plane’s registered owner as a company located close to the Gillispie Field airport and the address pointing to two flight schools (California Wings of El Cajon and California Flight Academy)

The identities of the dead passengers will be availed after notifying their families.

Sunday – Plane makes a hard landing, no injuries reported

Hours later, Sunday, 8th September 2019, Henderson Executive Airport, located at 3500 Executive Terminal Drive, would experience another incident when a plane made a hard landing with Kathleen Richards citing the malfunctioning of the landing gear as the main cause.

Crews were called at the airport to respond at around 10 a.m. The plane had four passengers on board.

According to Kathleen Richards, there were no reported injuries from the passengers on board with the plane sustaining minor damages from the landing. In 15 minutes the scene had been cleared by the crews.

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