Federal Aviation Administration investigates Las Vegas Lights’ $10K Cash Drop stunt

Last September Las Vegas Lights Football Club announced hosting their second annual Helicopter Cash Drop. Las Vegas Lights dropped $10,000 out of a helicopter for competition-winning fans to collect on the pitch at Cashman Field Arena. Supporters scrambled around scooping up as many dollar bills as possible.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) decided to investigate the incident that took place on September 9th. The FAA is investigating the possibility of violations including reckless operation and flying at an unsafe altitude. Aviation expert Chris Walach of the Nevada Institute for Autonomous mentions that

“these regulations have been developed over decades and most of the time they’ve been developed through some type of disaster, so they are there for a reason.”

Full details of the investigation have not been revealed yet, but rumour has It that the helicopter might not have been in proper contact with air traffic control. Moreover, the helicopter was not in an area safe enough to conduct the drop.

“When you drop below a certain altitude, particularly in a congested environment like Las Vegas, there are all kinds of power lines, telephone poles, things like that,” says Walach.

Common procedure is that helicopters are not allowed to go below 1,000 feet in congested areas and within 2,00 feet of a structure or crowd of people. The pilot involved in the incident had to complete remedial training to ensure that they fully comprehend regulations.

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