Excessive heat warning begins Tuesday for Las Vegas Valley

Las Vegas is facing another strong heatwave this summer. The National Weather Service has announced that the weather will reach a high of 10, forecasting the heatwave to last for at least 10 days. People are advised to follow extreme heat precautions to avoid heat-related illnesses.

Consider staying out of the heat altogether, but if you have to deal with it then the following tips should help. Consider wearing breathable, light-coloured and lightweight fabric such as cotton. It is also crucial to stay hydrated by drinking litres of water throughout the day avoiding excess alcohol, caffeine, and hot drinks. Try eating cold food, particularly fresh salads and fruits that are high in water content. Frequent showers will also help you stay refreshed and will help bring your body temperature down. 

Female drinking bottle of water on a hot summer day.

Stay cool

If you find yourself in peak heat between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm remember to make sure to stay in the shade, apply sunscreen, and wear a hat to protect your head. If you happen to feel dizzy, weak, or anxious, try to immediately move to a cooler space and take your body’s temperature if possible. Heat-related illnesses possible this time around, especially for the elderly, very young, and those with mental illnesses.

The excessive heat warning urged Clark County officials to facilitate cooling stations. They are also advising to

“keep cool indoors, limit outdoor activities, hydrate and to not leave children and pets in hot cars.”

The Las Vegas and Rescue is also involved in providing information to help determine when persons are suffering from heat exhaustion or a heat stroke. If you find yourself too hot during the day try cooling yourself down by immersing in cool water or using ice packs on the neck and groin areas. In case you are on the go and  feel the temperature rising then stop by one of the following cooling stations to refresh;

  • Walnut Recreation Center – 3075 N. Walnut Road, near Cheyenne Avenue
  • Pearson Community Center -1625 W. Carey Ave., near Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Dula Gymnasium – 441 E. Bonanza Road, near Las Vegas Boulevard North
  • Hollywood Recreation Center – 1650 S. Hollywood Blvd., near American Beauty Avenue
  • Cambridge Recreation Center – 3930 Cambridge St., near Flamingo Road
  • Downtown Recreation Center – 105 W. Basic Road, near Pacific Avenue
  • Downtown Senior Center – 27 E. Texas Ave., near Army Street
  • Heritage Park Senior Facility – 300 S. Racetrack Road, near Burkholder Boulevard (Henderson)
  • Courtyard Homeless Resource Center – 1401 Las Vegas Blvd. N.,  at 310 Foremaster Lane
  • Veterans Village – 1150 Las Vegas Blvd. S., near Charleston Boulevard
  • American Legion – 1510 Bruce Woodbury Drive, Laughlin, near Cougar Drive
  • Colorado River Food Bank – 240 Laughlin Civic Drive, Laughlin, near South Casino Drive
  • The Salvation Army – 355 W. Mesquite Blvd., near South Casino Drive
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