Document Shows 552 Layoffs On Las Vegas-based Trump Hotel

  • Document showing temporary layoff details of 500+ workers at Trump Hotel made public
  • President Donald Trump partly owns the Las Vegas-based hotel
  • The continued spread of COVID, Gov. Sisolak directives, and recommendations on public gathering among the reasons to layoff the workers
  • No specific date given on the recommencing of normal hotel operations and resumption of the affected employees

Documents showing the temporary laying off of more than 500 Trump Hotel workers have been made public. The Las Vegas-based hotel is partly owned by the US President, Donald Trump.

Temporary layoffs

The 552 workers were notified in an April letter to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation that they would temporarily be laid off.

In the letter posted to DETR’s website, LaDawndre Stinson, the director of human resource stated that the continued spread of the COVID-19, the governor’s directives on the mandatory closures of nonessential business operations in the state, and the recommendations by several government agencies, officials, and the CDC regarding public gatherings were among the reasons the hotel decided to reduce the staffing levels.

The letter states that the hotel on March 31, 2020, or within 14 days since the date, would temporarily layoff the workers with the essential personnel left to continue providing essential services to the property.

No return specific date

In the letter, Stinson said, ‘based on the fluid and rapidly evolving nature of this situation, however, at this time we are unable to provide a specific date at which we will be able to recommence regular hotel operations and return affected employees to work.’

Around 552 employees had their jobs affected temporarily and in the letter, the director claims that they had been provided with prior notices. The director also states that under 20 C.F.R §639.7(f), all the job titles, number of affected employees, and any other information required would be available on their site and accessible to the units of the local government and the state dislocated worker unit.

The hourly non-management employees, who are the majority of the affected employees, are represented by a union, Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165, Local Joint Executive Board of Las Vegas, and their labor representative(s) who have all been notified of the actions.

Bumping rights, according to the letter, are handled as per the hotel and the Union’s collective bargaining agreement. The bumping rights are not, however, applicable to the non-represented employees.

However, the hotel was unable to provide additional notice of the temporary layoffs to the employees because of the ‘dramatic, sudden, and unexpected nature’ of the COVID-19 pandemic and the demands placed on the businesses to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

The letter concluded by stating that the information was based on what was available and that it was subject to change if various factors affected the plans. However, the director stated that in case any significant change would be made, relevant information would be passed.

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