Coronavirus has had little impact on Las Vegas tourism

  • Tourism industry experts affirm that so far the city of Nevada is withholding against coronaries repercussions
  • Fears seem to be ramping up among consumers and investors
  • The Southern Nevada Health District follows the situation closely to advise businesses across the state. 
  • Small businesses get ready for impact
  • Thinking ahead will help minimise the risk of the virus spreading to members of the general public 

According to industry experts, tourism in the state of Nevada has not been affected negatively as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Experts believe that monitoring the spread of the virus is crucial to be able to navigate the next period safety for tourism businesses. 

Nick Wyatt, the head of research and analysis and travel and tourism at analytics company GlobalData, said, “It is readily apparent that the impact is likely to be felt on a more global scale than was perhaps previously envisaged.”

He also added that “Incessant media coverage of the issues is also impacting traveller confidence. These actions restrict people’s ability and willingness to travel and this is creating significant headwinds for the industry.”

Furthermore, Southwest Airlines reveals that their schedules have not been affected ever since the virus outbreak. 

Brian Parrish, spokesman of Southwest Airlines mentions that no flights have been suspended or have had to change routes due to the coronavirus. 

Other companies such as Caesars Entertainments and Eldorado Resorts announced that they haven’t witnessed a negative impact as a result of the virus.

Fears seem to be ramping up among consumers and investors

Some of the strong businesses in the tourism industry have seen their shares fall ever since the outbreak of the virus. For instance, United Airlines’ shares dropped 6.5% this week. 

The Southern Nevada Health District has been following the situation closely to advise businesses across the state. 

Michael Weaver, spokesperson for Wynn Resorts says, “We will implement any health directive they issue. As a precaution, we have installed hand sanitisers in public areas and back-of-house for team members.”

Small businesses thinking ahead

In a statement made by Randi Thompson, the Nevada State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business he mentions that the low number of infected persons from coronavirus it is not seen as a threat by the association. 

Cara Clarke, spokeswoman for the Vegas Chamber said earlier this week that the organisation hopes to communicate best practices ad preventive measure to its 4,000 Nevada members within the next week.”

She also affirms that “the whole idea is to think ahead and to spend the time doing that now rather than waiting for when we are potentially impacted.”

Small businesses advisors are suggesting for owners to take have precautionary plans in place. This includes training employees and raising awareness within your workforce. 

Thinking about giving employees days off if they start showing symptoms, for instance, can be more efficient than taking a higher risk on members of the general public. 

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