Casino workers make their presidential picks over lunch break

  • Casino worker cast their votes in the Nevada Democratic Presidential contest
  • Sanders “Medicare for all” plan faces resistance from the Culinary Workers Union
  • Union workers currently receiving private health care insurance 
  • “Medicare for all” harms union members as they don’t work enough hours to qualify for coverage 
  • Sanders wins 32 votes while Biden wine 19 votes

Over 100 casino workers cast their votes at the Bellagio resort. The workers were wearing uniforms of green and red as they walked down the voting booth during their lunch break. 

The Democratic presidential contest took place in the ballroom of the hotel last Saturday. Voters such as the 53-year- old Jose Canela cast their vote for Bernie. 

While pointing to a Bernie Sanders sticker he was wearing on his chest, Canela said, “Together with Bernie. Together we can make more powerful.”

Present at the Nevada Democratic presidential contest was the Culinary Workers Union which represents many of the casino workers who were casting their vote. 

 According to Mark Dudzic, coordinator of the Labor Campaign for Single Payer, which is a union coalition pushing for a Sanders-like Medicare-for-all plan.“A lot of these funds, they cover precarious workers, construction workers, actors, people in film production.”

He also mentioned that the reason many union workers don’t qualify for the coverage is that they do not work enough hours. 

Sanders “Medicare for all” plan might decrease his chances at winning Nevada

Many Culinary Workers Union members have been warned against voting for Sanders. They believe that his medicare plan for all will potentially harm the union’s role. 

The union has been launching aggressive campaigns against medicare for all claiming that it will harm affordability, accessibility and autonomy over healthcare coverage. 

Currently, the Culinary Union workers are receiving health insurance through Unite Here Health. This is a non-governmental run trust which is overseen by Unite Here and companies under the union. 

“My brothers and sisters of the Culinary have been fighting for this health insurance for 84 years, fighting hard, and we’re still doing it,” Cristhian Barneond, a cook and a shop steward at the Cosmopolitan hotel.

Sanders replied directly throughout his campaigning efforts. He believes that his plan will result in higher wages for union workers. It will also save employers from having to spend money on private health insurance programs. 

On the other hand Sanders rival, Joe Biden said, “Where I come from, I don’t like people telling me what I have to choose…union members who have busted their neck, walked on picket lines, gave up pay, took hits to get significant healthcare available, you get to keep it under my plan. You don’t have to give it up.”

Final delegates vote count

Sanders won by 32 county delegates, while Biden won 19 votes. All other candidates did not manage to acquire the 15% minimum support need to win delegates. 

Sanders victory will be setting the Culinary Workers Union back as they don’t seem to be able to stop his momentum so far.

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