A firm in Las Vegas creates safety shields for players and dealers to use at casino slots and tables

  • Safety will remain the main focus once the gaming operators are allowed to reopen
  • Las Vegas-based Screaming Images develops safety shields to be used at the tables and slots and act as a divider between players and dealers
  • The move is focused on taking care of the customers while keeping busy hence bringing up innovative ideas to employ on the properties
  • Screaming Images works with various properties, events, and sports entities including the Raiders
  • The company designs, prints, and also is involved in installation works

Safety will remain the utmost priority on the casino properties when the state-ordered shutdown is over and the operators are allowed to reopen.

Nevada’s governor did not announce the actual reopening date, however, Screaming Images, a Las Vegas-based company, has started developing safety shields that can be used on the casino tables and slots.

The clear acrylic shields are designed for various casino games and can also serve as a divider that separates the dealers and players.

According to the Screaming Images principal, James Swanson, the move behind the safety shields was to take care of the customers while at the same time keeping themselves busy which in turn gives them innovative ideas to incorporate on the properties.

Experienced company

The company has been in existence for 18 years with 15 years of operating locally. Screaming Images currently works with a variety of properties, sports entities including the Aces, the Raiders, and the Golden Knights, and events such as EDC.

Its usual work is mainly designing, printing, and also involves itself with installation works. The creation of the finalized material is normally in the print shop. Among the popular and notable works include building wraps on the MGM Grand.

The clear acrylic they used, according to Swanson, doesn’t fog up and is easy to install and clean. Depending on where the installation is being done, the shield can be pieced together in around 15 minutes.

The shield also has no screws to be fixed which makes it friendly to the tables and slot machines cabinets.

El Cortez adopting the shields

El Cortez, a downtown property in Las Vegas, has allowed the company to carry out some tests on its gaming floor on the slots and tables while at the same time allowing the company to sell its idea to other properties while showcasing.

El Cortez’s general manager, Adam Wiesberg, welcomed the idea acknowledging James as a ‘reliable and responsive’ principal. He says that after the company reached out with an idea of how to protect the customers and employees, they were ready to jump in.

Adam Wiesberg among others who have used the dividers have given positive feedback and Swanson said that the company was in talks with other properties regarding the same.

Wiesberg said El Cortez was still considering the final decision on the dividers and would not give a word on either they would be available when they reopen.

Early casino reopening plans have been tailored to promote social distancing where a gaming table will only have three players with the other machines either turned off or removed. It is not clear how the number will be adjusted with the divider in the picture.

The dividers can also be used at other businesses and restaurants and Screaming Images has also been in touch with other businesses that want to safeguard their operations.

The divider as it stands is a temporary feature and when the pieces are no longer needed, Swanson is looking to have a recycling program in place. He says that the program will ensure that the pieces are not ‘just thrown in the trash can.’

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