A company plans to build $7.5 billion ‘smart mini-city’ in Las Vegas

A 7.5 billion megaproject has been announced and is scheduled to start construction this coming December. The real estate project was taken on by Bleutech Park Properties, Inc., aiming at creating an insular mini-city. Bleutech Park Las Vegas posted on their social media platforms their vision for a future city which includes “automated multi-functional designs, renewable energy sources, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, robotics, supertrees, self-healing concrete structures and more high-tech gadgetry straight from a science-fiction movie.”

The company is describing their newest project as a “high-tech biome” that aims to change the future of design and give life to new technologies. The mini-city will include green technology and localised air cleaning. Offering housing and office spaces, as well as retail shops, ultra-luxury residential houses, hotels and entertainment venues. 

Who is involved in the project?

The project is set to be funded privately by institutional and private equity investments and will take around 6 years to complete. The company has joined forces with Martic-Harris Construction and tech-company Cisco in hopes of executing their vision precisely. Partners involved in the deal are ultimately trying to “push the envelope of innovation and bring together technology solutions that once seemed like pure science fiction…a project like this opens our thinking to what is truly possible and reveals just how expansive the connected communities concept really is.”

Bleutech Park Future of Infrastructure
© Bleutech Park Future of Infrastructure

Plans for the smart city

Bleutech Park Properties proposed designs for the exterior of buildings to be giant solar plans by making use of photovoltaic glass, achieving 0 carbon emissions in supplying the city. Interestingly, the company is planning to use unmanned robots to perform unsafe tasks or hard to reach areas during construction. Bleutech Park Properties, Inc., CTIO, Bertrand Dano said, “Bleutech believes in the rise of digitization and robotics in construction as this will increase productivity and efficiency. Wearable technology will increase workplace safety, particularly in heavy lifting and repetition. We believe in the future of robotics and their ability to improve job-site safety and employee’s health.” Aside from this, the company is planning to hire around 25,00 jobs during the development phase. 

The flooring in the future city will be able to absorb and convert energy from human movement to be used for things like heating, cooling, and electricity. In terms of water consumption, the company is planning to reduce imported water consumption by 95% by connecting the park’s building to a network of supertrees. 

This project seems like a long shot in terms of execution, but if Bleutech Park manages to pull this off they will be realised for benefiting the whole of Las Vegas and reducing the valley’s environmental footprint on the planet setting a new benchmark for smart modern cities around the world.

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