7 injured in a balloon ‘crash’ in Goodsprings, Nevada

Thursday morning, 12th September 2019, saw seven people injured when a hot air balloon crashed in a desert area near Goodsprings, Nevada which is approximately 40 miles southwest of Las Vegas. Of the seven injured, three were reported to be seriously injured according to a hospital official.

According to Jeff Dean, a Metropolitan Police Department Sgt, the hot air balloon crashed at around 9:25 a.m. off Cottonwood Pass Trail which is approximately three (3) miles north of Goodsprings.

Dean stated that once the balloon hit the ground, two passengers were ejected from the basket including the pilot once it tipped over.

On the FAA’s (Federal Aviation Authority) part, Ian Gregor who is the spokesman said that the pilot was thrown from the gondola somewhere between Blue Diamond Road and Goodsprings. The gondola would then stop after being dragged for half a mile.

Hard landing

From his statement, Dean believes that the balloon wanted to make a landing and he goes on to claim that before the two passengers were tipped over, the balloon was not ‘very high.’

Once the crash happened, there were responses from the Clark County Fire Department, Bureau of Land Management, Las Vegas police, and Nevada Highway Patrol.

From the injured in the crash, one woman was transported to a hospital through a helicopter and is expected to survive from the serious injuries she suffered. The other passengers were transported to a local hospital (University Medical Center {UMC Trauma}) through ambulances.

The company behind the hot air balloon ride has been identified as Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides, according to KVVU. Before noon, the company pulled up at the crash scene with two vehicles but they declined to respond to the questions posed by the reporters. According to Las Vegas Review-Journal, the company did not pick their call for comments.

There is no cause of crash yet established but the matter is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Authority.

70 deaths since 1964

The Thursday event may come out as frightening but cases of hot air balloon crashes have been rare in the past years.

According to NBC News, since the year 1964, the National Transportation Safety Board in the US have been tasked with investigating only 775 hot air balloon incidences with experts ‘stressing the safety of flying’. From the incidences, there have been 70 reported deaths with the last 14 years having 16 death incidences reported.

NBC News continues to report that the hot air balloons in the States are subject to intensive regulations with the Federal Aviation Administration having set requirements on all the commercial balloons to have them inspected after every flight time of 100 hours. The balloon that crashed on the Thursday incident was commercially operated.

For the balloons that are not commercial, the requirement is that they should be inspected every year. According to autoaccident, hot air balloon accidents can be caused by fires, pilot negligence, rough landings, poor weather conditions, other balloon collisions, balloon malfunction, trees, and power lines. 

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