500 rounds of ammunition delivered to wrong address in Las Vegas, lost for hours

Last Thursday boxes of 500 rounds of bullets were delivered to the wrong address. Meanwhile, Richard Cipollino was waiting for his package as he was planning to hit the shooting range later in the week.

“Some friends of mine and I had planned a day of shooting up at the North Decatur shooting range,” said Cipollino. “And with a bunch of people shooting you can easily go through four or 500 rounds of ammunition within an hour or two.”

After waiting for several hours for the package and receiving a confirmation email from the shipping company that the bullets have been delivered, Cipollino started to get alarmed. He reached out to the shipping company explaining that he never received his parcel containing 500 rounds of ammunition. After 5 hours, Cipollino was able to reach the driver responsible for his delivery and it turned out that he delivered the package by mistake to the neighbour. 

Interestingly, on the same day that Cipollino was tracking down his lost package, a student from the College of Southern Nevada was arrested for possessing 2,000 round of ammunition and a rifle which he kept inside a vehicle at the Henderson campus. Striegel, the student in question was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Centre as firearms are prohibited on all Nevada State educational campuses. Reporting suspicious activities and taking responsibility for each other has recently been emphasised in safety campaigns such as “see something, say something.”

Delivering ammunition

According to the FedEx service guide “, it is your responsibility to correctly identify and classify these shipments.” Dangerous goods include aerosol sprays, airbags, ammunition, butane, car batteries, cologne, dry ice, fireworks, gasoline, jet fuel, lighters, lithium batteries, matches, nail polish, nail polish remover, nitrogen-refrigerated liquid, paint, perfume, solvents, some chemicals, and more,” FedEx service guide. Meanwhile, companies such as UPS require shippers to fully comply with rules regulating hazardous materials, shipping on a contractual basis.

Ammunition laws in Las Vegas

Generally speaking, people don’t need a permit or a background check to buy ammunition in Nevada. This is except for prohibiting armour-piercing bullets, which are metal-penetrating. Furthermore, there is no limit as to the number of bullets a person can buy including ammunition made by Winchester, Remington, Federal Premium, Hornaday, Nosler, CCI, and Speer Ammunition, which are all considered lawful. The minimum age for purchasing is 18 for long gun ammunition and 21 for handgun ammunition. From a seller’s perspective, Nevada does not require sellers to have a license to sell ammunition. More than a third of Nevadans own a gun, if not several guns, with stores located conveniently around town including firearm dealers in Walmart.

This year alone across the U.S there have been more than 273 mass shootings with more than 11,000 American losing their lives.

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