23 gang members or associates arrested in Las Vegas

The Clark Country Gang Task Force and Gangs Major Case Team for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have successfully managed to takedown the Aryan Warrior Gang in Las Vegas. According to the press conference held by the joined forces, the Aryan Warriors committed a double homicide during the robbery of a drug dealer.

“On August 17th at 5:00 a.m, 7 search warrants were executed by federal and local tactical teams. During the execution of those search warrants, ten subjects were arrested, 7 guns were seized, 2 bulletproof vests, 1 stolen trailer, 3 stolen motorcycles, 4 labs, and $9,700 were seized.”

Besides, the joined authorities found methamphetamine and multiple other items associated with gang affiliations. 

23 Aryan Warriors’ members have already been arrested and rebooked for further investigations. “It became apparent during our investigation that the Aryan Warriors were heavily involved in illegal and violent activities throughout the Nevada prison system, which directly impacted violence occurring in our Las Vegas valley streets and community,” says Captain John Leon from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Two of the arrested gang members, Christopher Aschoff and Devin Campbell, have already been linked to murder cases. 

The Aryan Warriors background

The gang was born in 1973 originating from inside the Nevada prison system and in certain communities in Nevada. The Aryan Warriors started by offering protection to ‘white inmates’ if they join the gang, pledging to protect whites against attacks from black prisoners. By 1974 the gang was taken over by, The Pope, an inmate serving a life sentence and who was very familiar with the way the gang worked. The Pope started organising and introducing structures and hierarchies to the gang. He established rules for all gang members to follow. The Aryan Warriors started building their reputation for violence by choosing members based on their strength and violent background. 

The violence was mainly targeted against Black Gangs, giving rise to gangs such as the Black Warriors who ironically duplicated the Aryan warriors’ symbols, for instance using the helmet with a horn. Struggling for power over prison grounds the Aryan warriors sought more power and began going after those who they were supposed to protect. Intimidation and threats were used to extort money from white inmates and their families. The gang’s activities expanded to drug trafficking, extortion, and weaponry. 

Aryan Warriors today According to prison officials, the Aryan Warriors are currently reduced to 100 members who “still assert control over other prisoners by using violence, including murder and attempted murder, assaults and extortion. They also corrupt guards, extort money and favours from prisoners and their families, distribute illegal drugs, and run extensive illegal gambling operations.”

The gang is also operating a street program in Las Vegas, Reno where members and associates distribute drugs, steal, commit fraud crimes, and smuggle drugs into prisons. Money earned from the street program is usually reloaded to support the gang and its leaders financially.

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