SugarHouse Casino sued over ‘illegitimate’ card decks

Two men have sued the Philadelphia based casino for losing more than $250,000 in what they claim to be as a result of illegitimate card decks. This is not the first time the casino is facing legal matters. In 2018, the casino was sued by the state for its gaming tables.

‘Illegitimate card decks’

In a space of nine months, the two gamblers claim they have lost more than $250,000 in what they claim is as a result of the casino having gaming tables that use broken shuffling machines. What’s more, they claim that the casino is using ‘illegitimate card decks’. William Vespe from New Jersey and Anthony Mattia from Philadelphia have since filed a lawsuit with the US District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania for the aforementioned losses and for the failure to ‘provide an honest wagering environment’ tracing back the period between May 2017 and January 2018.

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Findings from Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board released in 2018 show that the casino had problems with some of the mini-baccarat, poker and blackjack tables. This stemmed the lawsuit by the two gamblers.

The regulatory board also found out that in an incident dating back to May 2017, the casino had six blackjack decks in operation without cards which led to 122 hands of blackjack being played at the casino without the required number of cards.

Another instance pointed out by the board would reveal that there were 16 hands of poker which had been dealt by the gamblers and this would happen without the cards being shuffled as the dealer would come to realize later.

Another instance would point out 27 hands of Spanish 21 had been dealt with decks that had 10s. This incident saw the casino fined $10,000 plus the costs. The incidences rose to seven and this led to the casino receiving fines and having the casino employees involved terminated their contracts.

In the lawsuit presented, Mattia claims to have incurred losses of over $147,000 from the time the casino was operating on the bad decks. For Vespe, he claims his losses amount to more than $103,000. However, in their suit, there is no mention of their participation in any hands game as cited by the regulatory body.

Conrad J. Benedetto, an attorney in the suit, claims that the instances the board had found out are enough to ‘question the integrity of the thousands of card games that were played at SugarHouse at tables using that equipment and those decks.’

‘Integrity of gaming operations is important’

Reached on the issue, Jack Horner, SugarHouse spokesman, said that the integrity of the gaming operations at the casino were treated with utmost importance and going on the instances that had been found out, the spokesman said that the casino had disciplined and terminated contracts to the employees who were found to be liable and that the casino had revised procedures that would help curb the same instances from happening again. 

He went ahead to deny the allegations brought ahead from the lawsuit filed and refused to comment further on the case in court. Other charges the two men have sued the casino for include; negligence, unjust enrichment, conspiracy, breach of contract and fraud. They hope to have their $250,000 plus compensated, damages caused and attorney fees catered for. 

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