Nevada courthouses to be protected by the US Marshals ahead of Las Vegas protest

  • The US Marshals Service is charged with ensuring the safety of federal judges, jurors, and other judiciary and also protect federal courthouses
  • The service vows to protect Nevada’s four federal courthouses amid protests against the presence of federal agents in places like Oregon and Portland
  • More protests planned to voice support for the cities
  • Previous Black Lives Matter protest saw Lloyd D George courthouse damaged
  • Portland sees over 57 straight days of protest and clashes

The US Marshals Service is charged with ensuring the safety of federal judges, jurors, and other judiciary while also protecting federal courthouses and the federal judicial process.

Friday, July 24, saw the service’s District of Nevada Office in a release reiterate the service’s vow to follow the due process of law and protect Nevada’s four federal courthouses.

Protests across multiple cities

The release comes at a time several cities in the US have seen protests against the presence of federal agents in places like Oregon and Portland. Their presence resulted in clashes and saw the Rose City’s downtown federal courthouse damaged.

The protests would later prompt a fence to be put up around the courthouse where the said federal agents are stationed.

With the reports of the stationing of federal agents in cities like Seattle, Chicago, and Portland, protests were being planned across multiple cities to voice support for the cities.

According to the Action Network website, one of the protests was planned on the Las Vegas Strip for 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. The page read as follows, ‘We’ve seen what’s happening in Portland. We refuse to let Trump invade our city! Let’s stand together against fascism!’

The post stated that the planned protest was to be peaceful and that there would be water stations and donated snacks.

Courthouse damaged in past protests

However, it remains unclear if the release by the US Marshal Service was in response to the planned protest. In the previous protests, especially the recent Black Lives Matter protests, the Lloyd D George Courthouse in downtown was damaged.

Attempts by News 3 to reach out to Ashley Lesieur, the organizer of the protest, were unsuccessful at the time of writing.

She did, however, post a Twitter update that the event would share the time and location with another event posted on Facebook.

It also remained unclear how many people had planned to attend the event but as of Friday at 9:25 p.m., the Facebook event, which had no mention of President Trump or Portland, showed that 30 people would attend with 79 people interested.

A social media post also showing solidarity to Portland protestors was shared on the site, which is a self-described ‘digital community center for anarchist, anti-fascist, autonomous anti-capitalist and anti-colonial movements.’

In the Friday release, the service’s District of Nevada Office said that the service took its ‘responsibility to protect the federal judiciary seriously’ and that they supported all the citizens’ rights as stipulated in the Constitution.

Downtown Portland has had over 57 straight days of protests with protestors clashing with police and the federal officers.

The Justice Department’s inspector general will, however, look into the actions of the federal officers as announced on Thursday, July 23.

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