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Matt Savage WPT Executive Tour Director and Poker Tournament Directors Association founder was hospitalised in Las Vegas this week after having experienced chest pain and shortness of breath last Tuesday. Matt’s wife, Maryann, announced the news to industry members as well as friends and family by writing on Facebook,

“I just want you guys to know that I’m in the emergency room in Spring Valley hospital because Matt is having chest pain and shortness of breath. He’s coughing too, The Doctor said that she wants to make sure that Matt doesn’t have a blood clot so they are doing X-ray and CAT SCAN. He got IV and breathing machine/treatment right now. So sorry but Matt will not be using his phone until he’s fine. Pray for him.”

On Wednesday Matt tweeted from the hospital and wrote, “still in the hospital, on oxygen, 10 vials of blood, had X-rays, ultrasound, and an MRI. I don’t have pulmonary fibrosis or lung cancer which I feared. My white blood cell count is high. BP low, something definitely wrong with my lungs and has been for a week.”

A well-known name that helped shape today’s poker landscape

Matt is a well-known name in poker as Director of the American  Poker Tournament and Executive  Director of the World Poker Tour. Matt officiated over 400 episodes of televised poker, including the World Series of Poker from 2002 to 2004 and WPT from 2002 to 2001. Moreover, he also worked for several media outlets including; Fox News FSN, Travel Channel, NBC, and ESPN. Matt has had a major influence on the landscape of poker during what many consider as “the Poker Boom.” Although he is not a professional poker player himself, when he tries his luck, Matt can cast some wins. The first time he played was in the World Series of Poker back in 2009. As of 2019, his total live tournament winning is estimated at $125,000.

Matt on social media

Matt is always connecting with poker players at different levels and when asked about his commitment to the industry he said,

“I really want to grow the industry and I really want to help everybody. A lot of times questions get asked on social media — on Twitter and Facebook; email and text — of things that players don’t know. A lot of people on the outside see that and go, ‘Well how could this guy not know that?’ Well, obviously he’s asking a question because of that. So for me to help the new player, the amateur player, the recreational player with rules — I think that’s really something that I’ve looked at my career as one of the biggest things I’ve ever done and I continue to do.”

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