Gambling Operator to Build Two POGO Hubs in the Philippines

Recently, news broke out that Oriental Group, a Philippine gambling company is about to build two online gambling facilities at the northern and southern parts of the capital Manila to in order to promote the county’s already booming offshore gambling sector. 

The two facilities will also be empowered with the necessary technology to host Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) which will be authorized by the Philippines gambling regulator (PAGCOR) to offer games to customers and players who would love to play outside the country.

 It was made known by Oriental Group that the company will set aside PHP8 billion for the development of POGO facility which would be set up on a 20-hectare site in the southern part of Cavite City. The larger hub will be expected to be able to harbor at least 20,000 workers. 

The other facility which is set to be built in Clark City, the northern part of Manila, would occupy 10 hectares at its first stage of development and will eventually be able to contain to 5,000 workers.

Manila | Capital of Philippines
© Manila | Capital of Philippines

Making her opinion known as regards the development of the two hubs was the PAGCOR Chairwoman, Mrs. Andrea Domingo, she said in a conference at Manila “POGO is legal and is here to stay”, indicating the quick and rapid growth of the sector since the inception of the Company’s initiative in the year 2016. POGO Licenses were also issued to the company in the same year has authorized by Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte. 

This allowed POGO to be set up by the online gambling company, kick starting their business in the country but with the clause which clearly states that their products could only be offered to customers who are outside the country.

The POGO Initiative 

The POGO Initiative charged a lot of Chinese workers who currently work in the gambling sector but requires a better working condition into working with the companies that offer a better deal.

 It was a bit surprising when the government realized that the POGO initiative had employed around 138,000 people who are mostly Chinese citizens. Following the official statistics, the sector has been tipped to go beyond call centers as Manila’s high office space users by year end. 

The Chairwoman of PAGCOR also announced that the POGO license required by Oriental Group to operate both hubs would be granted in time and in fact, the new facilities would be granted five-year licenses, which is two years longer than the typical three-year license usually issued. 

This decision was made with the intention of trying to attract more offshore developers and operators to the country’s gambling sector. As regards the decision of investing into building two gaming hubs, the General Manager of Oriental Group, a person of Mr. Kevin Wong made it known during the Phil-Asian Gaming Expo which was held at the country’s capital Manila; he said “with all the social tensions, we want to put everyone together”

The General Manager also said the two facilities will provide assistance to the government in its strong effort to combat the rampant practice of POGO license holders who craftily hire undocumented workers. In this regards, the Oriental Group has decided to offer competent agency offices in both of the two new hubs.

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