Facial recognition technology coming to Las Vegas slot machines

New facial recognition technology is coming to Las Vegas slot machines very soon. The facial recognition feature is simply a multi-factor user authentication similar to the technology utilised in mobile devices to unlock phones, or in apps that detect the human face. Companies such as Konami is developing slot machines that have small cameras incorporated within them. The cameras will allow casinos to recognize guests once they register their photo with the casinos’ reward desk. 

Is facial recognition useful?

Gamblers have several reasons to welcome the new feature as, “It means players will no longer need to worry about leaving their players card in a slot machine, or forgetting to give it to a table dealer and failing to accumulate rewards points.” Commented Konami V.P., Jay Bertsch. “We felt like this was the best way to provide an experience for someone, that they don’t have to worry about anything,” he added. “They come into the casino to enjoy their time, sit down, they don’t need to worry about a card or some other electronic device. They’re able to experience the machine by just sitting down.” Installing slot machines equipped with facial recognition capabilities will also benefit the casino. Baertsch explains that “it will ultimately be up to the casinos to determine how to use the technology, which will also have to clear regulatory guidelines, but he believes most will likely allow patrons to opt-out, or have their facial recognition data deleted.” Konami plans to have the facial recognition technology ready in the next six to nine months. 

The future of casino gaming on display at the Global Gaming Expo

Around 25,000 people attended the convention gathering commercial and tribal gaming professionals at the Sands Expo Hall. More commonly known as G2E the expo was held between October 14-17 and set to shed light on the future of gaming. Trends this year included the future of sports betting, visual displays, and 4-D gaming, with many companies unveiling their latest creations. The convention is considered the largest gathering of gaming professionals in North America with companies like Konami and Gamblit having very strong presence presenting their newest technologies. Konami presented their latest range of slot machine, emphasising their new facial recognition capability, while Gamblit revealed their innovative, interactive table games, e-sports, and skill-based gaming. Attendees were invited to come together to share ideas, receive valuable insights and learn from esteemed leaders who are driving innovation forward across multiple industries. 

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