Renee Palleggi Says Elaine Wynn Manufactured Allegations Against Ex-Husband, Forcing Him Out of Gaming Company

In a motion to dismiss a lawsuit of invasion of privacy brought by former Wynn Resorts employee, Jorgen Nielsen, who “filed documents with the Clark County District Court containing testimony from Renee Palleggi alleging that Steve Wynn’s ex-wife, Elaine, orchestrated the effort to force her former souse out of the gaming company he founded manufacturing sexual misconduct allegation against him,”

Palleggi claims that Nielsen who was formerly a Wynn Las Vegas hairstylist, contacted her in December 2017 to tell her that he knew Elaine Wynn was reaching out to the media and trying to gain sympathy for the sexual misconduct claims against her ex-husband. 

The Wall Street Journal exposed the story “detailing various allegations against Steve Wynn, forcing him out of the gaming company he founded.” 

Later on in an affidavit, Palleggi says that Nielsen, who is asking for $50,000 in damages from Wynn Resorts told her that he saw Elaine at the Kennedy Centre Honors in late 2017 and he saw her giver a list of accusers of her former husband to reporters from the Wall Street Journal. 

“Nielsen has lashed out against those he perceives as opposed to his interests (which he apparently believes are aligned with those of Elaine Wynn,” according to the Wynn Resorts court documents. 

People who have dealt with Palleggi in different contexts describe her as a friend of Steve Wynn and they are close. Rumours have it that Palleggi and her family member call Wynn, Uncle Steve, and she even gave her son the middle name, Wynn. 

Sexual assault allegations

Wynn resigned as chairman and chief executive of Wynn Resorts after The Wall Street Journal published an article narrating allegations of sexual misconduct by Wynn towards some of his employees. 

One allegation suggested that Wynn paid $7.5 million to settle a claim made by one of the manicurists who used to work at Wynn Las Vegas salon. The employee claimed that Wynn forced her to have sex. 

In earlier statements made by Wynn’s lawyer about the allegations, he said: “the idea that Wynn would ever assault a woman was preposterous.”

 Wynn sold his stake in Wynn Resorts in March 2018, and ever since only his name remains on his former Las Vegas Strip casino. According to Wynn Resorts spokesmen,

“Wynn Resorts remains focused on creating a safe and fair workplace for our employees and appreciates the recognition we have received from regulators for our efforts.”

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