Draftkings launches a new in-game product through Wimbledon

With Wimbledon season starting late last month, US sportsbook Draftkings has gone forward to launch their new in-game product on the tennis tournament. The results so far have been pleasing according to the sportsbook representatives.

The new product is dubbed flash bet and the product is designed in a way it enables the players to place quick bets and they will receive their money immediately after the play is over in case they record a win.

The product, however, according to the sportsbook company’s director, Dan Hannigan-Daley, has been limited to tennis as it stands. The sportsbook is to offer the new product during future tournaments which include the US Open. There is the talk from the company officials who believe that Flash Bet can also be effectively used in other sports in the future lie US Football and Baseball.

In tennis, the players will have the chance to make bets on games or points and after a bet is placed, the bettor can watch how the bet progresses through a user-interface that allows them to watch the events live and view the results thereafter. The interface also allows the players to view the immediate past results which go a long way to influence a player on what bet to make.

Another live betting option

Speaking about the interface, Dan Hannigan said that it would closely resemble what online blackjack players see. He said, ‘It’s definitely more of an experiential thing, which is what we were looking to do.’ He proceeded, ‘These are betting markets, point-by-point, game-by-game that we did offer before. It did decently well, and that’s one of the reasons why we sought to actually build out this experience focusing on the two markets specifically (referencing to points and games betting).’ He finished up by stating that additional markets and sports would be dependent on how the experience goes.

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Flash Bet is another option in the huge host of live betting options the sportsbook offers. With Wimbledon producing over $3 million in total bets since the season began, the director points out that 98% of bettors who have played on the event so far have made a minimum of one in-game wager.

Draftkings has embraced the concept of live betting with many betting experts and sports insiders pointing to the concept as the ‘future of the industry.’ Across the sports offered by the sportsbook, 70% of the bets placed have fallen on the pre-match category and Dan Hannigan-Daley points out that at about 70% of the players on the platform have played at least one live bet. He also added that the platform offered hole-by-hole betting for the golf lovers.

Focus on online gambling

The sportsbook has had its retail outlets in Mississippi and New Jersey but its impact has been felt greatly in the online industry and in New Jersey, it has dominated the industry together with Fanduel, a rival company. 

A report from CNBC shows the two companies accounted for 83% of the bets that were placed in New Jersey. The company’s director was objective about the growth and said they looked to build on it and expand their foothold to other states and the launching of Flash Bet, was one of the moves to ensure that is achieved.

He concluded by saying their focus lay on digital experience as 90% of the bets taken on their platform came from a mobile device.

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