Cyprus success for Melco International Development Limited

Mighty casino operator Melco International Development Limited have declared their operation in Cyprus a success.

They reportedly made an announcement that their three-strong chain of Cyprus Casinos known as C2 venues has recorded a whooping amount of 880,000 visits, leaving the company a probability of making the landmark figure of one million visits by the end of next month as they celebrate their one year anniversary of operating in Cyprus.

 The local Financial Mirror gave a report on Wednesday last week that Melco International Development Limited who opened the island nation’s first ever casino near Limassol last year.

A major plan is still in play to build a much larger and bigger branded facility when will be named City of Dreams Mediterranean.

Melco | City of Dreams Mediterranean Resort
© Melco | City of Dreams Mediterranean Resort

The president of the C2 property for Melco International Development Limited, a person of Craig Ballantyne revealed that the C2 Limassol enterprise has originally registered over 700,000 visits (to be precise, 710,000 visits) while the other more permanent mini enterprises C2 Nicosia and C2 Larnaca have been able to register the figures of 130,000 and 40,000 respectively since it was officially opened and commissioned in December. 

Mr. Ballantyne made it known that the enterprise should be able to attract and record its millionth guest visit by August. 

The company is so happy and impressed with their dealings so far in Cyprus. In fact, the vice president of construction for Melco International, William Cornish confirmed to the local media which gathered at the casino that construction had started on City of Dreams Mediterranean. The construction started in the month of May and was due to end in 2021. 

The press release passed across shared an information about what would also be set up in the large-scale casino resort, which is expected to have a five-star hotel in the proposed 16-storey building containing 500 guest rooms coupled with facilities for meetings and machines.

The Chairman’s take

 Chairman and chief executive of Melco International, Mr. Lawrence Ho Yau Lung made his opinion known while he was present in Cyprus for the company’s first year anniversary which is being pursued via ICR Cyprus Holdings Ltd, program which had a lot of involvement from local Cyprus firms. 

Nicosia, Cyprus | View of the city
© Nicosia, Cyprus | View of the city

Mr. Lawrence Ho Yau Lung said in quote:

” I’m extremely happy with our first year of operations here in Cyprus, progress has been swift and the local economy is already benefitting from the strong partnership we’ve created”,

The media believed that the statement was made as regards the massive involvement of the local Cyprus investors. He furthered more by saying:

“Running a business that operates across Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom means that we are intently focused on compliance and the government of Cyprus is setting and maintaining the highest standards in the regard. This means Cyprus will not only become a destination for premium luxury tourists but for international investors too”.

Melco International also owns and controls Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd which operates casinos in Macau and a casino in the Philippines.

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