Circa’s famed ‘MoDot’ has left the building

  • MoDot is no more, thanks to the work that engineers completed on Friday at around 6 pm.
  • The Circa management contemplated over the popular design flow for several weeks before deciding to fix it.
  • The current pattern of the panels is in line with the diagonal panel design of the hotel tower.
  • Circa co-owner Derek Stevens had earlier compared MoDot to Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark.

Engineers have corrected the popular design flaw on the 30th floor of Circa hotel tower. They completed the work at around 6 pm Friday.

MoDot was a famous paneling error, social media posting subject, and piece of conversation on the hotel tower that faces east on Circa. The misplaced panel was discovered in July and named for design engineer Mo Pierce.

It took several months of deliberations before Circa co-owner Derek Stevens said they would fix the error. He disclosed the decision a few days to the opening of the hotel.

During a session with Las Vegas media on October 19, Stevens said they held a big meeting to discuss the issue, and now MoDot is gone.

“We left it up there for a few months now, and it picked up a little interest. But at the end of the day, we think we have a very well-designed building and didn’t want to give anybody a twitch when they were going down the highway when they saw it. We thought, let’s just build the building and make it look like it’s supposed to,” said Stevens.

While it just took a few weeks after the final decision to correct the mistake, the current pattern is in line with the diagonal panel design of the tower.

Stevens, a smart marketing visionary, said MoDot was not a promotional tool despite cynicism around town that the swapped panels were intended to create publicity.

“Obviously, a lot of people thought this was a setup,” Stevens said. “It was not. The panel was put in the wrong way.”

The original story about the panel was shared on Vital Vegas, a Las Vegas blog, in July and attracted a strong following online. Some people hoped that MoDot would become part and parcel of Circa. However, Stevens said he ultimately decided to correct the issue.

The paneling error shadowed Circa’s 1,167-square-foot Panoramic Sunset Suite, which is in the premium suite package of the hotel. While the suite isn’t available for booking, the rate for the similarly scaled Bunk Suite is $1,150 per night.

Guests had already called to get reservations for the room behind MoDot, according to Stevens.

The design flaw can also be remembered as a rare resort feature comparable to the beauty mark of Cindy Crawford. In late July, Stevens made that reference at the placing of the “C” on the rooftop sign of Circa.

At that time, he said, “It’s something that personalizes the building. Look at Cindy Crawford. She has a special element that makes her so beautiful, a beauty mark. This is our beauty mark.”

In the end, however, the hotel opted for a corrective procedure.

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