Biden in Vegas takes on Sanders’ gun votes in fiery speech

The former vice president, Joe Biden took on his white house rival Bernie Sanders for his previous vote to exempt gun manufacturers from liability over shootings. 

The speech took place on a stage near the scene of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. 

Biden spoke against the National Rifle Association, gun suppliers, and manufacturers. He promised to hold gun makers more accountable if he becomes president. 

Biden referred to the 2005 federal law that protects gun makers from liability in most crimes. He mentions that in fact, most people running for the presidency voted for the law. 

“When I’m the president, we’ll take them on, remove the immunity and allow those parents who are trying now to sue for the pain and mayhem they have caused,” Biden said 

The presidential candidate gave his speech from the Tropicana casino-resort on the Las Vegas Strip. The resort is located less than 1,000 feet away from the grounds where a gunman took the lives of tens of people by opening fire on them from his hotel room. 

The incident took place back in n2017 and has unleashed several national debates over gun control laws. 

“Carnage in our streets”

Joe Biden vowed in-front of supporters that he “will not rest until the families of the victims can sue the gun manufacturer and get a ban on assault weapons.”

Of the immunity granted to gun manufacturers, Biden says, “Ladies and gentlemen that immunity was granted. Granted. And it was a horrible, horrible decision.” 

During his campaign, Biden also discussed health care. This is an important point to one of Nevada’s most powerful and influential labour group, the Culinary Union. 

The candidate suggested adding a “public option” to the existing health insurance ignorer not to eliminate union member health care coverage. 

Healthcare is an attraction point for the union membership and loosing that might jeopardise their position. 

Biden also spoke of another candidate, Michael Bloomberg. Biden said, “Sixty billion dollars can buy you a lot of advertising, but it can’t erase your record. There’s a lot to talk about with Michael Bloomberg,” Biden said, approximating Bloomberg’s net worth.

Democrats seek their fortunes in Nevada

So far Nevada has no clear front-runner, yet many are favouring Bernie Sanders. It is worth mentioning that so far no major unions have announced their support to a particular candidate. 

According to the Associated Press, “Early on in the race, Biden seemed to have an advantage in Nevada, with early support in Nevada’s communities of colour and long ties to the state. He topped polls into early 2020, but Nevada polling has been scarce since voting in the race began.”

Andres Ramirez, a Democratic strategist says, “I’m seeing less than I thought I would see from Biden. I just assumed I’d see more.

“As Vice President Biden has made clear, we have yet to hear from the most committed constituencies in the Democratic Party — people of colour — and Nevada and South Carolina are the first opportunities for that to happen,” said TJ Ducklo, a spokesman for Biden

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