Slotty Vegas operator MaxEnt to contest UK license revocation

MaxEnt Limited, a Malta-based gaming operator, had its UK license revoked. The operator has had various brands behind it and some of them include; BETAT and Slotty Vegas. The revocation comes in the wake of UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) questioning about the change of ownership witnessed.

The operator has for a while been known as NRR Entertainment before it was acquired by MaxEnt in May 2018. The commission has raised its concerns over how the sale was conducted and would like to know the operator raised the funds for the successful purchase.

Commission not satisfied

In a statement released by the regulator, it cites its dissatisfaction in how the operator was granted an operating license considering the new controller was already in control of the company before the license application was made.

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‘[The] Commission also identified concerns relating to the new controller’s suitability, in that it appeared that he had provided conflicting information and had failed to be full and frank in his dealings with the Commission’ the regulator said in the statement.

The commission went ahead to give them a period of up to June 18, 2019 to cease offering their services to the players in the UK. The commission expected that by the period, the also Malta-licensed operator, would leave in an orderly manner and their members would have been alerted about the revocation hence no messes would be expected.

Operator to appeal

However, in a twisted turn of events, MaxEnt issued a statement voicing its disappointment on what the regulator had written about their license revocation. The operator would cite part of the statement released by UKGC as ‘a bit misleading’. The part of interest was, ‘…identification of concerns relating to the operator’s finances and information supplied to the commission.’

In its statement confirming the appeal, the operator states that they were given a right to appeal the 4th June decision and that the appeal would be made before June 18, 2019. They appreciated the option given saying that the regulator had an option to revoke the license immediately but opted to grant them an opportunity to appeal.

They further stated that they had made the appeal within the period granted and its appeal had been received by the independent tribunal and the regulator. With the appeal, it left the commission stayed pending the hearing and the outcome from the independent tribunal.

With the outcome yet to come out, a little background shows that NRR Entertainment was not the favorite among the commission. ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) had once called Slotty Vegas out on 2018 for what they termed as an ‘advertisement that had crossed the line.’ This came in the wake of an online promo from them that stated ‘our games pay more’. The advertising authority would claim that their slots did not hold up as compared to the competition.

However, with MaxBet having no information pointing to a mistrust, other than the aforementioned scandal that arose a month after the purchase, the operator will be hoping that their license will be approved by the regulators.

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