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Blackjack Card Counting Apps

Card counting in blackjack is a popular strategy many players use to try and win when playing this classic game.

Since American mathematician Edward O. Thorp, the father of card counting, first introduced the concept, blackjack enthusiasts have dedicated time, effort, and money to master the art of card counting.

Since it can be complicated and challenging to master, many mobile card counting apps have now made the learning process easier.

Let’s look at what you need to know about these apps.

Card Counting Apps: Why You Should Use One

There are many reasons to consider using a card counting app. Some of them include:

Learning the Fundamentals of Card Counting

A blackjack card counting app helps players to grasp the fundamentals of the card counting technique.

The best blackjack training apps will combine basic blackjack strategy with card counting.

Once you have mastered the basic strategy and how to keep the running count, you can start implementing the two together.

Practice your Betting Strategy

For beginners in card counting, it can be hard to implement a proper betting strategy in a real casino.

Even with the running and true counts, most people struggle to place correct bets in each round. This is why practicing within a pressure-free environment like an app is essential.

Provide more Training Time

One of the biggest benefits of learning how to count cards on an app is that it provides more practice time for players.

Due to elements like shuffle time, payouts, presence of other places, etc., you can only play up to about 100rounds/hr in a real money online casino.

These elements do not restrain blackjack card counting apps, which means they offer more rounds.

Experience the Swings

One of the mistakes that many beginners tend to make is believing that card counting is completely foolproof.

Count counters will lose as often as they win: you may even experience losing streaks while counting cards. Although it sucks, it is unavoidable.

The card counting software app will help you get used to the swings of losing streaks in the virtual world before experiencing it in the real world.

How To Select A Blackjack Card Counting APP

With the popularity of blackjack, it is no surprise that many card-counting apps are available.

Due to the wide range of options available, choosing a blackjack trainer app for card counting can be difficult, especially for beginners.

Here are a few factors that can help you find the best fit.

Rating and User Reviews about App

The user ratings and reviews of an app are invaluable to making the best decision when looking for an app.

After all, this information is provided by users who have used the app before and have a better idea of what it offers.

Based on the user rating, Android and iOS app stores score the card counting apps on their platform, and these scores can help new users figure out whether or not an app is credible.

Easy-to-use Interface

A vital factor you should consider before deciding on a blackjack card counting app is the user experience.

An app with a good user-friendly interface will make the practice experience of players using it enjoyable. This will positively affect how often such players will practice daily.


Like most smartphone apps, blackjack card counting apps can be free or available for a certain price.

While some users look favorably at the ones that come with a reasonable price, others may prefer to go for the free ones.

Additional Information

You can also check out additional information about a blackjack card counting app before making your choice.

For example, you can check out the developer behind the app, and other details like the number of downloads, the date of the last update, etc.

Best APPS For Card Counting

Let’s look at some of the best card counting apps that you can use to take your blackjack game to the next level:

Blackjack & Card Counting Pro

The Blackjack & Card Counting Pro app is an impressive app that has everything a player needs to master card counting and take their game to the next level.

The app was created and developed by Blackjack Apprenticeship, a top-tier and renowned authority in teaching how to play blackjack like a pro made up of professional blackjack players.

This Blackjack Apprenticeship app is a simple yet powerful trainer app that will teach you basic strategy, counting, true count conversion, strategy deviations, and how to implement a bet spread.

Blackjack All-In-One Trainer

Blackjack All-In-One Trainer is an advanced blackjack trainer app for basic strategy and card counting.

The app has 3 modes: Play, Train, and Simulate, all of which aid players in mastering basic blackjack strategy and card counting.

This app also offers a variety of features that can assist players in bettering their blackjack game to shift the odds in their favor.

This includes guides, charts, and drills for basic strategy; training guides, index charts, and drills for card counting; and a simulator.

Card Counter Lite

Card Counter is another exciting trainer app that allows players to practice blackjack card counting using real card counting techniques.

The app teaches card counting through a study guide and a demonstrative tutorial. It also provides different practice modes to help players practice and get better at counting cards in blackjack.

BlackJack Counter

KarjaCreations’ Blackjack Counter is a simple card-counting app that helps players learn how to count cards.

Card counters can also use the app to help them keep track of the true count and the cards dealt while playing blackjack.

The app is best used in new online live casinos, but you can also use it at your local bar or other venues where you play blackjack.

After checking out the app, we discovered that the app offers three different counting systems: the Hi-Lo Count, Hi-opt II, and Hi-opt II.

Card Counter – KK Blackjack 21

Card Counter – KK Blackjack is an exciting blackjack trainer app and game that combines basic strategy and card counting.

It is based on the Hi-Lo blackjack counting system and teaches players how to keep track of the running and true counts.

It also helps players learn the basic card-playing strategy in a realistic game environment, which helps players know when it’s time to double down and when it is best to surrender.

App Developer Android iOS Price Counting Systems
Blackjack & Card Counting Pro Blackjack Apprenticeship Yes Yes $4.99 Hi-Lo
Blackjack All-In-One Trainer Blackjack Advantage Player (AdvPlyr) No Yes Free Hi-Lo
Card Counter Lite TMSOFT Yes Yes Free Hi-Opt I, Hi-Opt II, KISS III, KO, Omega II, Red 7, Silver Fox, and Zen Count
Blackjack Card Counter KarjaCreations No Yes Free Hi-Lo Count, Hi-opt II, and Hi-opt II
Card Counter – KK Blackjack 21 Red Koda Software Limited Yes Yes Free Hi-Lo


Although blackjack card counting is a simple concept, it can be hard to execute, especially for new players. Unsurprisingly, card counting apps make it easier.

You can choose any of the best blackjack card counting apps that you find suitable to up your game. Remember, consistency will produce better results.

Card Counting Apps FAQS

What is card counting?

Card counting is a simple strategy that players can use to determine when they have a statistical advantage over the house.

Does card counting work?

If played correctly, card counting can improve your odds over the house by 0.05 to 1 percent.

Is card counting legal?

Counting cards is a legal activity. No federal or state laws state card counting as an offense. But due to the advantage it sometimes grants players, most casinos tend to frown on it and even sometimes ban players when caught, especially when they use external aids.

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