Is Card Counting Legal and does it work?

Yes, card counting is legal however some land-based casino can choose to remove players from the table and game if they believe you to be card counting. And yes, card counting, in fact, works however it will require a lot of time to learn and master this technique. It essentially is spotting a favourable pattern to increase or decrease your bet for the best possible outcome while applying other blackjack strategies which can lead to you having an advantage over the house edge.

However, there are many challenges towards card counting such as, not being practical online as cards get automatically reshuffled, dealing with multiple decks as tracking the cards will be harder and different variations of blackjack might naturally limit the effectiveness of card counting.

Does Blackjack have the best odds?

Yes, blackjack has the best odds of any casino table game with a house edge of just 1 percent in most casinos and depending on the variation of the blackjack game. However, this all assumes that the player plays perfectly in all scenarios using the correct strategy and techniques. You can check out the basic gameplay and strategies in our BLACKJACK STRATEGY: The Definitive Guide, Chapters 1: How to play Blackjack and Chapter 2: Blackjack Strategies.

What Is The Difference Between land-based casino blackjack, Live Blackjack and RNG Blackjack?

Land-based Casino Blackjack and Live Blackjack are virtually identical in rules however the experience of playing will be different. Live blackjack is more accessible, the minimum bets are usually more friendly and if you want more of a pro feel, playing at a casino would be more ideal.

Now the difference between a real dealer be it land-based or Live, is different from RNG blackjack as everything is digital from the table to the deck and round results. RNG Blackjack stands for Real Number Generator Blackjack.

Is Blackjack Games Fair?

Virtually every brick-and-mortar casino is reputable. They are regulated by the strict laws in the jurisdictions they operate in, and they only employ licensed personnel who are experienced with multiple blackjack variations and their rules. Therefore, you can rest assured that they will treat you fairly.

Some of the most reputable licence issuers are the MGA and the UKGC. In addition, you should check if the fairness of the casino’s games was tested by an independent auditor, such as iTech Labs, eCOGRA, and Gaming Laboratories International, to name a few. They certify games to ensure that every outcome of the game is truly random so that the players have a fair chance of winning.

Should I Play At A Table With Empty Seats Or One That’s Full?

Let’s start with even if the table is full or not the house edge will remain the same no matter what and essentially it is all personal preference. The difference between empty seats and full seats is that the amount of hands played per hour is significantly different, with empty seats, just you against the dealer you might play around 250 hands an hour compared to full seats (7) at about 60 hands an hour so. The pace of the game is different depending on the number of seats occupied so for beginners it would
be better to play with a full table to have more time to make a decision.

What Are The Advantages Of Playing Blackjack Online?

Playing blackjack online has many advantages which should appeal more to newer players.

Where to Play?

One of the first questions that players tend to ask before deciding between different blackjack variations and which one they should play is asking whether they should opt for the live dealer or RNG games.

RNG games are almost always played online. If the game is licensed and certified, the mathematical model of the software guarantees that the house edge in a RNG game is always the same. However, the same can be said for live dealer games, since the dealers are trained to follow the strategy that always ensures the best outcome for the house. In other words, the only difference in playing online or offline is your personal preference.

One thing to keep in mind is that playing online will let you have easier access to more different blackjack variations.

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