Blackjack is one of the biggest casino table card games worldwide. Even though blackjack is known worldwide, there are still those who are unaware of the game itself and all the rules, strategies and variations of the game.

Our Blackjack Strategy Definitive Guide was created to ensure that those who want to know more about the game have their curiosity met and filled.





In this Chapter we’ll cover all the Blackjack fundamentals (and see why Blackjack is still such a popular game in casinos all over the world)

We’ll go through all the game rules and explain all the components of a Blackjack Table Layout (Step-by-step)

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1.1 Blackjack Rules

You should understand the basics of anything you might be interested in. Blackjack is no different. Before you decide to try your luck on this game, it's best that you understand how the game is played from blackjack rules, blackjack etiquette and casino house edges in blackjack which will be covered in this chapter.

1.1A Basic Gameplay

You’ll learn how the standard basic gameplay would pan out from start to finish along with information about, card values, playing options and surrender work to get you started in being able to play the game at a base level.

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1.1B Side Bets

Here the guide will go through a few side bets that are available to blackjack tables. Blackjack Strategy: The Definitive Guide will go through and explain what these side bets are and the payoffs of these side bets.

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1.1C Dealer’s Playing Rules

The casino game, blackjack has set playing rules for the dealer meaning all of the dealer’s moves are already decided by the rules of the game. In this section, you’ll find out how the dealer will deal the cards as this will affect blackjack strategies.

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1.1D Winning and Losing a Hand

In this section we will be going through, in a sense, the objective of the game and how to tell whether you will have a winning hand or losing hand while playing blackjack.

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1.1E Number of Decks

You will learn and have a general understanding of how many decks will be played and could be played in a game of blackjack and differences between the numbers of decks.

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1.1F Hard vs Soft Hand

How to correctly identify what a Hard hand and Soft hand are, and why they are called Hard hand and Soft hand. Knowing how to differentiate them can change your playing strategy.

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1.2 Blackjack Etiquette

The casino game blackjack has many rules and codes of conduct/behaviour while playing the game. If not followed you may attract unwanted attention from dealers and other players. In this section you will find a list of common etiquette mistakes that beginner might make, which we hope will enlighten you to avoid making them in the process.

1.3 Blackjack House Edge

You will learn and understand how casinos have a house edge against the players. How to calculate the house edge and how to reduce the blackjack house edge to less than 1% for the maximum chance of beating the game.

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Now that you have read Chapter 1: How to play Blackjack you should now understand how blackjack works. Now taking it to account the previous chapter you can now apply these for Hit and stand, Surrender, Pair Splitting, Doubling Down and Insurance & Even Money strategies to your gameplay to further your chances of a more exciting and fun way to play while minimizing the damage/loss or to gain profit.

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2.1 Basic Strategy Importance

Learning basic strategies is very important to become successful in blackjack. Both in physical and online casinos. This can save you money for the long term while playing blackjack.

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2.2 Hit and Stand Strategy

One of the most crucial strategies to learn as you will make the most hit and stand decisions. Taking a hit or stand decision at the right time might change the course of the game. Learn the correct strategies by learning the color-coded charts that will turn you into a blackjack pro.

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2.3 Surrender Strategy

Know when to surrender. Holding on to a bad hand won’t help you in any way. So, to minimize the loss in the lifetime of your blackjack career, learn the surrender strategies properly.

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2.4 Pair Splitting Strategy

Pair splitting can be a lifesaver in an intense game of blackjack. Split and hit smartly when you are dealt two or more identical cards. Check out the reason why.

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2.5 Doubling Down Strategy

Hit them where it hurts the most. Doubling down is an amazing strategy to double your winnings. If you are confident of your hand, double down. (Charts and tables are included)

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2.6 Surrender Strategy

Mentioned earlier in the first chapters as Two of the most popular side bets. Learn about them in-depth before putting your money on them.

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Throughout the creation of blackjack there have been many variations of the classic game blackjack, created around the world. In this chapter we will be looking at how each game differs, what they are and how to play each individual game.

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3.1 Spanish 21

How to play Spanish 21, it’s called Spanish 21 because the game is played with a 48-card Spanish deck. The rules might vary depending on the casino you are playing. Basic strategies are the same.

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3.2 Blackjack Switch

How to play Blackjack switch, is probably the most intense form of the game. You can bet on two cards at the same time. Also, you can swap the top cards for something else.

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3.3 Caribbean 21

How to play Caribbean 21, it features most deviations from the regular blackjack variations. Most notably, Ace always has a value of one.

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3.4 Pontoon

How to play Three Card Blackjack, it allows you to have three cards in your hand, which is somewhat rare among the different blackjack variations.

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3.5 Super Fun 21

How to play Super Fun 21, it offers the players a chance to win in multiple ways. For example, one of the ways is by having six cards with a total value of 20 or less or by always beating the dealer’s blackjack with your blackjack.

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3.6 Double Blackjack

How to play Double Blackjack, is said to be a mixture of classic blackjack and pai gow poker. This is because, instead of one, a player needs to form and play two hands just like in pai gow.

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3.7 Three Card Blackjack

How to play Three Card Blackjack, it allows you to have three cards in your hand, which is somewhat rare among the different blackjack variations.

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3.8 European Blackjack

How to play European Blackjack, is a predecessor of standard blackjack, which is often used against professional card counters since the decks are reshuffled after each round, and there is no splitting of 4’s, 5’s, or even 10’s.

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3.9 Chinese Blackjack

How to play Chinese Blackjack, as we stated briefly, is similar to your standard Blackjack, where each player is dealt two face-down cards, including the dealer.

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3.10 Double Attack Blackjack

How to play Double Attack Blackjack, is a variance of a variance; Spanish 21, to be more precise. It allows players to double their wager after seeing the dealer’s face-up card, and it also includes multiple side bets.

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Online casinos have somewhat provided the feel of a real casino. Game providers spend a lot of money to create the ultimate online gambling experience for people like us. Blackjack is one of the most widely played games across casinos. You should know that basic of online blackjack as well.

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